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Liquidated Damages
This program is in downloadable mp3 format. Does your liquidated damages provision hold water? Our speakers, attorneys Gary Barr and Terence Sternberg will address this important topic. MCLE 1 Hour. Recorded 6/5/14.

Our price: $19.00
Ten Things I Wish I'd Learned in Law School About Business Development and Using the Media as a Marketing Tool - MCLE 1 hr.
This program is in audio mp3 format. After graduating from law school with zero knowledge on how to develop a book of business and on how to develop clients. He gives ten simple steps to help develop that. Speaker: Manny Medrano, Criminal Defense Attorney, business litigator and Emmy award winning TV legal journalist. (13PBA-6) Recorded November 13, 2013. MCLE Credit: 1 hour.

Our price: $19.00
The Common Law's Origins and Development
This program is in mp3 format. Contemporary lawyers work with the common law every day. Much of the law we work with is judge-made; many of the arguments we construct are aimed at juries. These two features of our law date back nearly a millennium. But where did the common law and its institutions come from? And how has the core of the common law changed over the past 900 years? This talk will provide a brief answer on these questions, seeking in the process to show how rewarding a historical understanding of law can be. Recorded 5/6/14. MCLE Credit 1 Hour.

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The New AAA Commercial Arbitration Rules
his program is in downloadable mp3 format. The newly revised AAA Commercial Rules contain important amendments—the first in over a decade—that all users of AAA arbitration services and arbitration practitioners should know. The discussion will focus on the most significant amendments, including new rules which streamline AAA arbitrations, coordinate mediation more closely with arbitration, and more clearly define the responsibilities of the parties and the arbitrator(s) in the key phases of a dispute. Several significant changes address the efficiency of the arbitration process by clarifying the arbitrator’s authority. Recorded 5/15/14. MCLE Credit 1.5 hours.

Our price: $38.00